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Electrical Technician


The Electricity Technician Program provides the student entry level proficiency, in addition to the basic skills and acknowledge that they will need once they enter the electricity industry.


The Electricity Technician Program is designed to train students for an entry level position in the electrical construction field for residential and commercial projects. The program includes theoretical and hands-on training in the installation of residential and commercial projects. This consists of a skill-oriented program where the student is introduced to the fundamental of electricity with modern tools, equipment and practice for the correct selection and installation as required by National Electrical Code.

Course #
Course Title
Lab Hours
Clock Hours
ETT 1001
Principles and Application of Electricity
LB 40
CH 40
ETT 1002
Electric Materials and Components
LB 40
CH 40
ETT 1003
Direct Current (DC) Circuits 
LB 40
CH 40
ETT 1004
Alternating Current (AC) Circuits  
ETT 1005
Residential Wiring 1
LB 30                       CH 30
ETT 1006
Residential Wiring 2
LB 20
CH 40
ETT 1007
Commercial Wiring
ETT 1008
Electrical Motors / Electric Controls
LB 40
CH 40
ETT 1009
National Electric Code (NEC) 1
LB 20
CH 40
ETT 1010
National Electric Code (NEC) 2
LB 20
CH 40
ETT 1011
Blue Print Reading                            
ETT 1012
Electrical Estimation/ Basic Computer Skills
LB 20
CH 40
ETT 1013
Basic Photovoltaic (PV) Design and Installation
LB 400
CH 500